Isabel Tunstad Glendinning


Welcome to this Site. It is a work in progress given that it is important to project something positive regarding image content and communicating, both from an informative Educational Inspirational viewpoint, and an homage to The Horse.∫
Art is a gift which should be shared, along with humor … something I hope comes through in my recent artworks. “Whimsical” may describe the illustrations I create.
Horses have featured in my life since early childhood through creating numerous artistic renditions. 
As a Michigan Resident since 1995, and living in Palm Harbor, Florida since 2010 during Winter, I continue working with horses along with continuing capturing their imagery through mixed art media. 
All this goes along with being able to help others enjoy the spirit of horses through sharing equestrian activities.
Henceforth, I propose to continue a series of Illustrations focusing on equestrian, namely, “Hay Fever,” associated images with a series of themes. Initially, I am working on theme #1 “Dressage.”

Moving along ... Things are happeining at Pleasant Meadows ... to be continued in the near future ... bear with us please.

Yes, I am adding titles to the images, with details, in case you were wondering. They all have stories therein!
I have been passionately involved with horses since the age of three, wherein I rode on a pony in Singapore during my father's sojourn with the Royal Navy of Great Britain.Thereon, according to my mother, Aasta, embarked on drawing horses ... lots of them!
That was only the beginning! My parents had no idea what they let themselves in for!
Years later, the passion did not subside. Henceforth, horses have continued as important in my life. 

I propose to continue sharing what I create by offering originals, and prints, available for sale, volunteer benefit activities, and providing inspiration to potential artists of all ages.
Details to follow later, please be understanding.

Next Feature of Series of Illustrations following "Hay Fever" Namely:
Now, due to irregular circumstances; 
"The Major Peace-Noble’s Pleasant Meadows Riding Academy"
Theme #"2 Lessons a la carte>"
Latest update as of 8th Oct 2016 ... ongoing circumstances ...

We feature:
Unforgettable Summer Camps, wherein your children will experience a unique curriculum.

Child arrives prominently appendaged to cell phone.
Oblivious to adults' commands.

Child has forgotten about cell phone.
Displays amazing courtesy towards everyone.

All thanks to Pleasant Meadows Riding academy.

Characters at Pleasant Meadows:
Mrs Toogood, the Housekeeper

Major Peace-Noble, the owner and former Army Cavalry Instructor
Bert, the Handyman ... (Mickey suddenly left after a disagreement with Mrs. TooGood).
Bridget, the resident Riding Instructress "I am not an Instructor, I am an Instructress!”
Fred, the long-suffering gardener “I’ve been here for bleedin’ years.”
Trudy, the resident Jack Russell, "I do not like cats."
Ginny, the resident cat/mouser, "and I do not like dogs."
An assortment of resident mice...
Furthermore, there are some developments at Pleasant Meadows, in case you were interested, ahem!  Keep Looking ...

Thank you for visiting this humble site which incorporates a series of characters as experienced through numerous equestrian-related ongoing experiences! Thank you to those involved, you are special to all of us one way or another, including yourselves, although you may not know it!  "Life is good". (Q. Story by Garrison Keillor)

Please send me your feedbacks of inspiration.